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Texas Warriors FC

“We are working towards something different here. Our goal is to change the way youth soccer in the United States thinks about player development – it’s an ambitious goal, but every major change in history began with a plan and an action that followed, and in time we believe it can be done. With every practice session, after every game played, and tournaments won - our curriculum will gain recognition.

There is something watered-down about the soccer scene in the States now and we must think differently to modernize past training methods of our youth soccer system for us to flourish against our European and South American counterparts. 

There are some extraordinary independent clubs throughout this country doing phenomenal developmental work with their youth athletes. We appreciate and recognize the work by these clubs. We work with these clubs, we play against each other, share information, and it is our independence that gives us our strength. We believe that building relationships with other independent clubs, neighboring, and extended is the way to improving the scene.”

- Kevin G. Perreira, Founder | Technical Director



Fields Located Behind PSA Murphy Building 550 N Murphy Rd

Fields Located Behind PSA Murphy Building 550 N Murphy Rd

Murphy, TX 75094

Phone: 786.972.6598